"I would lay down everything I possess, even my soul, for you. If that isn’t love, it’s the best I have."

-Becca Fitzpatrick, Silence (via hqlines)


Knuckle Puck - Your Back Porch.
Not My Picture Just My Edit.


Blink-182 - Self Titled - Clear with Pink/Green Splatter 2XLP with Etched D side Limited to 2,000


"Let’s just forget
Everything said
And everything we did
'Best friends'
And ‘better halves’

And the autumn night when we realized we were falling out of love
(There were some things that were said that weren’t meant…
Like we ‘never did’)
Not to be overly dramatic
I just think it’s best
Because you can’t miss what you forget
So let’s just pretend
Everything and anything
Between you and me
Was never meant”


I am actually so proud of this

What can I do right? The answer is fuck all.


Funny You Should Ask/The Front Bottoms.